We ARE PROUD OF OUR REPUTATION AS THE FIRST DIGITAL ONLY PHOTO BOOTH in the market making our EXPERIENCE and reputation second to nonE!

AT SELFIE STATIONWe wORK hard to create social value for our clients by making it more than fun for consumers to engaged with brands at evenTS, share their experiences and create a bit of 'FOMO'!


 We can offer you powerful branding options from custom emails, micro-sites, text messages and twitter messages so your clients have a memorable brand experience that you can be proud of. 

Selfie Station allows you to capture those special memories and share through your social media accounts or via email. We are in the digital age, so we are a fully digital photo booth!

The ring light modern design is stylish, eloquent and will be the perfect fit for your next event!

Selfie Station allows you to upload your own logo, create custom overlays, and select the colours so you have full brand control over the output

We only take a couple of minutes to set up, and we last for hours!

We own all the trademarks for Selfie Station - so working with us allows you legally to call your activation a Selfie Station!


WE CAN OFFER YOU DISCOUNTED RATES ON Flower walls, backdrops, balloons garlands AND EVEN Neon Signs - all custom to your brand!

we’ve got you and are your one stop shop for everything TO BOOST YOUR selfie station SET UP!


We use a top platform to give businesses the best branding experience in the market including powerful analytics, custom branding including FULL white label available, custom content, data capture capabilities, live feeds and strong social sharing as well as text integration with personal messages to your clients. Everything we do at Selfie Station allows your client to take high quality selfies through an interactive, branded experience that you can have 100% control of!

Branding the way you want - 100% custom for your business
We all know that first impressions matter, who has not judged a book by its cover right? Here at Selfie Station you can trust us, we have been in the market for over 2 years and have done numerous large events aligning with brands like Remix Magazine, Nespresso, numerous PR companies, Ellerslie Racecourse and more. We use powerful technology that can offer you more than just custom branding. Starting from step one of the users experience with a custom branded start screen, you are able to make a first impression that lasts from the get go. From there we can work together for a custom photo strip, or overlays or even green screen if you are feeling that bold! For large scale events we have the capabilities of live stream photos being taken at the event, it’s a major playing card at large events as everyone loves seeing themselves on the big screen!  Anything you can envision I am sure we can bring to life, just ask!  

Sharing options - social social social!
We are living in a digital world, so lets be honest - social and brand awareness is extremely important and the power of a social presence is now the bare necessity for any business. Selfie Station enables your clients to directly via email, social and text as well as host your own personal microsite for an event keeping  your online gallery of the event life and active for all to enjoy post event!

Branded content  
Working with your brand standards you can get the key messages across you want. Custom messing to your guests is made a breeze when users receive what you want them too when sending their photo via social sharing, text message or email. Need help managing an event? We also can have our marketing manager give you a few tips, and we will support you the entire way with the likes of helping you produce custom hashtags for social sharing.

Capturing data
Data is very important for many companies at large events. Selfie Station has the ability to produce a custom data form on our Selfie Stations that can ask any questions or source any information you may want to from your users - as well as easily being able to opt-in to your email database. We are the only photobooth company in the market that has the capability of building a custom data capture form allowing you to customise what information you want to collect. Some ideas to include are number fields, text fields, drop downs, multiple select plus more the options are endless. 

Powerful trackable analytics
Here at Selfie Station it's easy for us to keep you up to date during an event, for a competition in real time as an example to track how many people have taken selfies and shared them, and where. Email addresses, phone numbers and twitter handles can be downloaded in a convenient Excel spreadsheet and we can provide the functionality to send you a secure link following the event with full access to all the event analytics which you can share in your post event results. 

Other features
The options with Selfie Station are genuinely endless. We've always got your back! We can provide you for peace of mind includes our offline queue management. Large events can be struck down by bad internet signal so worst case senario here's no need to worry about internet connection to use Selfie Station.

If you are in the middle of a farm at a festival and offline or have a dodgey internet connection our information and photos will safely protected and queue the images (and any other info) and send everything when we connect to a stable internet connection. We are even so dam fancy we offer an advanced queue manager where you can see which photos have uploaded and you have the ability to re-queue the photos. Like your iPhone we use cloud based technology and can run numerous events simultaneously or edit your event without having to even be on sit so we've always got your back for complete peace of mind if we are not at your even. 

Our cloud based software allows you to remotely create or edit events so we're here if you ever need anything - we offer a staff member on call at all times - or you can hire one of our top event staff to manage your event at a small hourly fee!


Our weekday business event packages start at $550

please enquire to book with as many event details as possible so we can price your event accordingly


If you want to know more about Selfie Station, read our FAQ's here


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